Wyoming Biodiversity Citizen Science Initiative

WyoBio will be making significant upgrades to bring you more biodiversity data and better visualization tools! Our goal is to provide Wyoming citizens with biodiversity data from many sources, including iNaturalist, Wyoming Natural Diversity Database, the Rocky Mountain Herbarium, and more, with fantastic map layers—to make biodiversity science come alive for you!

As part of the upgrade, the apps are no longer available. We encourage you to use the iNaturalist app to contribute observations when in the field. If you are unfamiliar with iNaturalist, we know you’ll love it! The app is easy to use, and you will instantly become a member of a large community of naturalists. The WyoBio web observation upload function will be maintained at least through the 2019 field season.

Stay tuned!


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Welcome to WyoBio


Welcome to the Wyoming Biodiversity Citizen Science Initiative - or WyoBio, a place where you can explore Wyoming’s wealth of plants, animals and fungi wherever you are!

Step inside the prairie, mountain and sagebrush steppe ecosystems of Wyoming, discover what organisms you can find, and contribute your own biodiversity data. Ask as many questions of the data as you can think of, and use this tool to help answer them.

Need help in uploading observations? 

Check out this short how-to video describing how to upload your observations.  Click here for the larger/full-screen version.

WyoBio: How To Upload from Biodiversity Institute on Vimeo.




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