The WyoBio Project, Partners and Committees

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The Wyoming Biodiversity Citizen Science Initiative



Citizen Science = Science for Everyone!

Logo-16x16.pngImagine a place where you can find out any information you could possibly want about a plant or animal in Wyoming.  Where you can virtually hang out with scientists, put in data that will be used in their research projects, help survey the land for all the organisms we can find, and test your own hypotheses about why organisms exist in a certain place, change their locations or population sizes over time, and more.

That place is WyoBio!  You can be involved in this very broad, very cool citizen science project where regular people - kids, hikers, photographers, accountants, anyone! - can collect data, pool it with others' data, and connect it with other interesting facts, like elevation and human disturbance.  You can form and test your hypotheses from your home!


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The Wyoming Biodiversity Citizen Science Initiative (WyoBio) is a project intended to connect all people, especially Wyoming citizens, with information about Wyoming’s biodiversity – plants, animals and fungi. We seek to bring together many (or all!) of the different citizen science datasets collected and maintained by a variety of groups across the state, making all biodiversity data available to all interested persons.

Additionally, we aim to create educational experiences connected with Wyoming biodiversity data so that students and citizens become more knowledgeable about and connected with organisms and ecosystems in their own state.

The project was initiated in February 2012, with the first version of the website launched in summer 2014. We will continue to roll out enhanced versions of WyoBio (including more functionality and improved graphics) through summer 2015.

Photo: Amy Pocewicz