About the WyoBio Advisory Committee

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WyoBio Advisory Committee

The WyoBio Advisory Committee is made up of educators, researchers, outdoor education coordinators, citizen science coordinators and others.  Its role is to test WyoBio in each of its development stages, provide critical feedback on the present and missing components of the website, promote use of WyoBio among educators and citizen scientists across Wyoming, and help reduce redundancy by encouraging similar programs to partner with WyoBio (we love partners!).


Committee members

Barb Deschler, retired educator
Dusty Downey, Audubon Society
Wendy Estes-Zumpf, Wyoming Natural Diversity Database
Deb Freitas, Wheatland Middle School
Katie Haynes, US Forest Service
Jason Katzmann, Casper Mountain Science School
Marjie Macgregor, UW Zoology and Science Posse
Scott Newbold, Sheridan College
Amy Pocewicz, The Nature Conservancy
Corinna Riginos, Teton Science Schools
Larry Schmidt, UW Libraries
Brian Sullivan, eBird
Gary Beauvais, Wyoming Natural Diversity Database
Jeff Hamerlinck, WyGISC
Carlos Martinez del Rio, Biodiversity Institute

Photo: John Nordin