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WyoBio for Teachers and Classrooms

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WyoBio is not only a space to learn about biodiversity data; it also provides educational tools to place biodiversity data in context, connect it with larger concepts, and allows students and educators to develop and test hypotheses using WyoBio.  We place a great emphasis on connecting WyoBio to science standards to ensure it is useful and meaningful for teachers and students alike. 

In this section (and in the Resources section) you will find resources for teaching biodiversity in your classroom or after-school setting.  We welcome questions and suggestions for additional resources – contact Dorothy Tuthill, Biodiversity Institute Associate Director.


Lesson Plans and Curricula


WyoBio lesson plans were developed by educators of all grade levels in Wyoming.  The cover sheet for the lesson plans uses verbiage connected with the Next Generation Science Standards.  Click here for a glossary of terms.

We would be like to build our collection of lesson plans. If you have a successful activity that would fit with WyoBio, please consider sharing it here! Download the unit and lesson templates, or contact Dorothy Tuthill, Biodiversity Institute Associate Director for more information.


Logo-16x16.pngCurrent Lesson Plans include:

NEW!! Inquiry Initiatives

These Inquiry Initiatives were developed  with teachers, students and the public in mind.  Each project guides you, step by step, through the scientific process focusing on current issues facing species in Wyoming.  Resources and results are provided for you to gain a greater understanding of the issue or differentiate for your needs.  

This is a new project for the Biodiversity Institute, please give us feedback on ways to improve its usefulness.

Current Inquiry Initiatives: 

  • Greater sage-grouse inquiry project: What does Obligate mean? Why is habitat fragmentation an issue? And how has collaboration been successful in Wyoming? 
  • Big Game Migration inquiry project: What do you know about the extensive migrations that occur within Wyoming? How are Big Game animals effected by different land management practices? Why is there a federally protected migration route in Wyoming?
  • Phenology inquiry project: Observing the natural world around you can tell you a lot about seasons, timing of migrations and our climate.  Explore the world around you!

Teachers, Upload Your Lesson Plans!

We invite and encourage teachers who have created their own lesson plans that use WyoBio to upload them through the form below.  We review them for clarity, consistency in formatting, etc., and post them to the website for others to utilize. 

We ask that you use the following templates to upload your lesson plans to ensure all of the required information is included: 


Thank you for being part of WyoBio in this important way!