Sage Grouse Inquiry: Results

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Using the map layers below:

Greater sage-grouse Core Area (purple cross hatch)

Energy Development (CO2 Sources, Wind Turbines, Power Generation, Coal Mines, Transmission Lines and Pipelines).

We can see very few areas (west side of the Big Horns and the southwest side of the Wind River Range) with no energy development occurring within the Greater sage-grouse core areas. Therefore we are able to reject the null hypothesis as well as the alternative, due to the fact that most of the core areas show energy development, with only a select isolated areas with no development as of now.

What does this tell us?

Energy development has the potential of causing fragmentation of habitats of Greater sage-grouse in Wyoming due to its prevalence. Yet Wyoming, having seen other states list the Greater sage-grouse, has taken a preventive approach in dealing with this potentially controversial issue.  There have been extensive collaborative efforts to make sure that the Greater sage-grouse does not get listed while also allowing for the continuation of the diverse Wyoming lifestyles that exist.