Species Identification Guides

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The following identification guides are collated from a variety of sources to provide you with the best available tools out there.


Trees and Shrubs:

Grasses and Wildflowers:

  • Wildflowers of the United States
  • Plants of the Rocky Mountains By Linda Kershaw, Andy Mackinnon and Jim Pojar (1998)
  • Wildflowers of Wyoming by Diantha States and Jack States (2004)
  • Vascular Plants of Wyoming 3rd Edition by Robert Dorn (2001)
  • Field Guide to Wyoming Grasses by Quentin D Skinner (2010)
  • Rangeland Plants: Wyoming Tough University of Wyoming Extension (2015)

Other useful plant resources: 

  • Rocky Mountain Herbarium:  rmh.uwyo.edu 
  • Weeds of the West, 11th edition by Tom D. Whitson (2012)
  • Outlaw Weeds of the West by Karen Sackett (2014) (for children)




  • Rocky Mountain Mammals by David M. Armstrong (3rd ed., 2008). Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park, with more information than most field guides.

Reptiles and Amphibians:


  • Bumble Bees of the Western United Statesdownload or buy a hard copy
  • Bumble Bees of Wyoming - download
  • Pollinators of Wyoming: A Guide for Kids! - download 
  • Butterflies and Moths of North AmericaID guide or photos by John Nordin
  • Mayfly, Caddisfly and Stonefly ID tool - visit website 
  • Kauffman Field Guide to Insects of North America by Eric R. Eaton and Kenn Kaufman (2006). 
  • Guide to Colorado Insects by Whitney Cranshaw and Boris Kondrotieff (2006) 
  • Spiders and Their Kin by Herbert W. Levi and Lorna Levi (2002)


Other Guides, Resources and Links:

WyoBio Land Cover (Vegetation) Type Definitions

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