Recommended Field Supplies

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Depending on which organisms you and/or your class are looking for in the field, you will need a varying list of supplies. However, there are a few basic things you will always need.

handlense.jpgBasic Field Supplies

  • Single observation form - download here
  • Bulk observation spreadsheet - download here
  • Identification guide(s) - click here for a few free guides
  • Camera for submitting photos
  • GPS to take accurate location information
  • Appropriate container for catching, identifying and releasing organism (such as a dipnet for amphibians, vials for insects, large net for reptiles, etc.) - be sure to visit our Protocols page to learn proper handling techniques!
  • Sun protection
  • Boots, rain jacket, warm clothes
  • Water (and food if out for a long period of time)

Additional materials you may need, depending on your target organism:

  • Waders or tall boots (aquatic insects, amphibians)
  • Binoculars (birds, mammals)
  • Hand lens (plants, insects)
  • Nitrile Gloves (amphibians)
  • Decontamination supplies - click here to learn more (amphibians)


Anticipate a lot of observations?

Download the spreadsheet template and populate it with your observations!

WyoBio Spreadsheet Template (xls)